Monday, January 21, 2013

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!

Ah, a holiday weekend.  Who doesn't love having a 3 day (or in some cases 4 days) off from work?  Even if you're a SAHM/SAHD, it's great being able to have the whole family home an extra day during the week with no school or work!  BUT-sometimes knowing that there's an extra day off for the weekend means that all of the usual Sunday chores/errands are put off until Monday.  It definitely happened to us!

Which was why tonight was perfect to have grilled cheese night!  An easy, low key meal for the entire family and with different variations, it's simple to please every eater in your family!  We tested two new styles and one that we'd tried before (it's become a favorite): an "adult style" grilled cheese from A Turtle's Life For Me,  a caprese panini from With Style & Grace, and a "Super Grilled Cheese" from Savoring the Thyme.

Don't they all look delicious?  Of course!  That's why you probably pinned them, right?  :)  Well if you're wondering whether or not they really are (which is of course why you landed on this blog), wonder no more; they ARE!  All three are packed with so much flavor thanks to the extra ingredients.  We substituted some of them with cheeses we had in the fridge already like cheddar, american, and pepper jack, except for the caprese panini (which of course we made grilled cheese style) since traditional caprese uses specifically mozzarella.

Adult Grilled Cheese with pepper jack

Super Grilled Cheese using cheddar

Caprese Grilled Cheese

Ours don't look as cheesy as the pictures from the blogs because I didn't want to use that much.  My husband couldn't decide which of the three was his favorite.  He loved the flavors of each one and definitely wants the recipes saved!  My personal favorite is the "Super Grilled Cheese"; the cilantro and red onion go along nicely with the avocado and tomato.

Do you have another version of grilled cheese that you like to make?


  1. I'm heading to Texas for my cousins wedding and will be there for 2 weeks. each cousin has to cook dinner 2 nights while we're there. I think I'm going to try theses grilled cheese sandwiches and your spaghetti casserole!

    1. I'm telling you girl, Pinterest has been a goldmine of recipes to try! And the spaghetti dish you can easily omit the meat to be veggie friendly :)