Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Blog With a Not-So-New Idea

Happy New Year Y'all!  I can still say that, right?  Or maybe it's too late since it is more than a week after the first of the new year??

Welcome to my brand spankin' new blog!  I'm sure a bunch of you who have landed on my page found it with the same curiosity I had when I decided to create it; is anyone blogging about their "adventures" when cooking/baking using recipes found on Pinterest?  I have seen people who have posts with Pinterest challenges, but don't think I've found an entire blog dedicated to cooking and baking by using pins they found tempting and shared their experiences.  Or maybe I haven't found one because I didn't use enough time searching, who knows?  I decided to create this blog because I was tired of reading some of the descriptions on recipe pins I'd pin myself like, "One pinner says, 'BEST mac and cheese recipe ever!' You'll be glad you pinned this later!" and such because really, does anyone know who that "one pinner" is? 

Hopefully my blog will be a source that people can refer to as a 'lie detector' for recipes, if you will.  Was this recipe really that great?  Let me look up that pin cooking blog to see if she's tried it out yet for the verdict.  That's my goal for this blog.  An every day person testing out the delicious looking pins we've all seen on Pinterest to see if they're worth adding to the recipe book.  Not just a mystery pinner listed in the description, an actual person documenting her experiences in the kitchen because of Pinterest.

Me?  I'll have an introduction post soon, I promise!  The only reason why I'm not writing it write now is because as soon as I hit publish for this post, I'll start writing my first post about a recipe found on Pinterest!

I hope that y'all will take the time to look around and stay awhile!  Hopefully as I fill up my blog with more Pinterest "experiments", you'll find something to make for your family that was a hit for mine!


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