Thursday, July 25, 2013

Squeegee Your Rug?

Living in a place with hardwood floor throughout the entire house sounded link a good idea to me at first, until I saw the proof of how much our lab sheds! Clumps of hair would roll around the house like tumbleweeds.  Enough hair would accumulate under the couch weekly that it looked like it was some kind of teacup puppy.  I like to try and keep the home clean, but the dog hair every where made me want to give up.  No matter how many times I'd swiffer or vacuum, there was still hair somewhere.

Our new home has carpet!  At least with carpet in the house, it isn't as obvious that our dog sheds.  You can still see tufts of hair floating around on the tile, but since there is more carpet in the house, it isn't difficult to keep up with swiffering it up.  :)

Our chocolate lab, Bella Donna
 Since we have carpet, I figured I'd try out the squeegee trick.  I purchased a cheap, no frills, squeegee

I noticed that it takes a few "brushes" of the carpet before you start seeing any hair...

Can you see it?

For me, once I start, I have to get every area Bella likes to lay on.  I do this before I vacuum the carpet. Thankfully the only carpeted area she's allowed on is the family room because if she was allowed upstairs, I'd probably go crazy trying to squeegee all of the bedrooms!

Mini fur ball

Voila!  Squeegees definitely work on getting pet hair up from carpet.  I'll be posting an update later on about this method because we plan on purchasing one of those vacuums "specially designed" to pick up pet hair.   So, it won't be to really follow up on the squeegee, more so to tell y'all if those vacuums really work and don't leave any hair behind.  ;)


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