Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Slutty Brownies

Oh my, I've neglected to update this blog!  I know I don't have a large following, but I do apologize for anyone who was following.  School has definitely taken up most of my time since I left the military!  I promise I'll do better! :)

Today, I bring you something sinful.  So rich, you'd be crazy not to pour yourself a glass of milk to accompany it.  I pinned it because the name itself was intriguing.

Right?  I visited the blog where you can find out about these devilish brownies, Debbie Doo's, and unfortunately there was no real explanation as to why they are slutty.  I like to find out the reason behind the name when they're out there, don't you?

The ingredients and directions are very, very simple.  3 ingredients and that's it.  Pre-made cookie dough, Oreos, and brownie mix.  Sure, you could make the cookie mix and the brownie mix from scratch, but if you're limited on time, just pick up the ready to make mix!  Simply place the cookie mix first, then place some Oreos on top, and then pour the brownie mix on top.

I made it for my husband's class he was teaching at the time.  He told me was that his class loved them!  Of course, he asked them for any suggestions to possibly improve them.  One student recommended added marshmallow fluff.  I made the brownies again when we had company in town with double stuf Oreos and marshmallow fluff.  Wow.  Didn't think they could come out any better.  

If you add the fluff, I recommend adding it as the second layer, after the cookie dough.  I put it on top of the Oreos, and being that I never worked with it before, I found it difficult to lay it down without it bringing up Oreos!  So putting it under the Oreos or maybe even mixing it in with the brownie mix before putting it on top would be better.  :)

Hopefully it's a hit with your family!

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